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Types Of Photography Around the world

I am a poker playing, photography enthusiast from Hamburg, Germany with a habit of taking photo opportunities very seriously. Now that introduction is out of the way, lets talk about photography. There are so many different types of photography, that it’s difficult to list them all in one place. Even if I were to give you a description of every type I could think of, I’m sure someone would let me know just how wrong I am in that assumption. Still, I can give you four of my favorite types:

Travel photography

Travel photography is self explanatory from the title. It’s a photograph taken of a place, for example Germany, documenting that place of travel. Those who spend their spare time travelling through Europe, are more likely to take this kind of photo than people who maybe play on websites like in their spare time. Unless of course they’ve traveled with the intent of hitting the casinos. Lets say for example, that a person decided to sight-see in my home country. There are hundreds of beautiful places, buildings and monuments in Germany, like Reichstag, Grunewald or even the Berlin wall. A photograph of these places is intended to capture a certain flavor of Berlin; the history, the culture, the weather, the German people.


A portrait is possibly one of the oldest kinds of photography, stemming back to the likes of the great rulers of the world like Elizabeth I. A portrait tends to consist of a head and shoulders shot, or can be of several subjects grouped together. Nowadays portraits are used for more than just personal use. Poker players have their own head shots nowadays, which can be placed on their websites and advertise to the world their status as professional poker player. Sticking with the poker example, lets say you are photographing a poker tournament in a Munich casino, you could take a portrait photo of each player in the tournament at the table. An action shot gives a portrait character.


When you take a picture of a beautiful view, this is known as landscape photography. Say you climbed the summit of Mount Everest, and after a night of resting and playing poker to recharge your batteries for the last leg, you finally completed the struggle to the top. You’d want to take photos of that view. Many people do this as a hobby, but plenty professionally seek out these views, climbing to the highest point of Düsseldorf to snap the scenery, capturing an opportune photo of the sun setting over Hanover.

Underwater photography

One of the more technical types of photography takes place underwater. To take a photograph under water, you tend to need to be good at scuba diving. Expensive unwieldy underwater photography equipment is needed. The process can be difficult, because your goggles distort the image, so knowing if you’ve taken a good shot can be difficult. However, it’s worth it for the array of life you find down there, and even the odd poker match. Oh yes, you’d be amazed how many people have taken up underwater poker lately. Now that is a challenge to photograph.

Written by Rohit

My self +Rohit computer Engineer by degree and photographer and blogger by choice currently i am using Canon D60 for all my photography to connect with me click below links

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